Industries that Use Dome Shelters Amid the Collapse of the Mining Boom

For years, Australia’s heavy industries have made use of the durable flexibility of dome shelters. Mining is the obvious one, the petroleum industry, and heavy pipe-laying companies are others. Ancillary industries such as transportation companies, office staff, servicing and maintenance, equipment and vehicle workshops, and accommodation, canteen facilities, and restrooms, all are quickly erected using converted shipping containers and dome shelters. From the red dusty soil of the outback, a small temporary town appears in a matter of days.

With the collapse of the commodities markets, and the slowdown in Chinese demand for Australia’s raw materials, miners and support staff are being laid-off like never before. As the big players in these industries look elsewhere to recoup their losses, what is the future for the many manufacturers of container domes and dome shelters in Australia, who have also relied so heavily on these major industries?


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